International Payments

For International customers we have three choices:
1.Card Payment(little expensive because of receiving fees and conversion charges)
2.Western Union(Cheapest, quicker and you pay in your own currency)
3.Bank wire transfer.

For Card Payment:

We charge International customer in pounds. To calculate you will have to add 10%(payment processing charges) and divide by 81 i.e (x*10%)/81.
Click on this link and pay:



If you are unable to use your card on our website, best and cheapest way to transfer money is through western union website.


1. Open
2.Click on “send money”
3.Choose “send to” as India
4.Enter your order total in “receive amount INR”
5.You will have two option now. (Few countries only get one. both the procedures are listed below)
“How does your receiver want the money? ”
Cash pickup or Bank account.
We prefer choosing bank account because it is quicker and you pay lesser fees;
A. If you use Bank account, use the following info

Name: Sandeep Goel
Account number: 107001508661
IFSC: ICIC0001070
Phone: 9210229292
Address: D-41, Anand Vihar, Delhi-110092. India.
B.If you use cash pickup, use “Ankush Goel” as receiver and city is “Delhi, India” if you need any other credential like address etc, you can use it from our website.

6. Choose “How would you like to pay?” bank account or card.

Then you will have to create an account and follow the self-explanatory steps. If you face any problem, you can whatsapp us at +91-9999852595 for immediate help.

For bank wire transfer, you can use our bank details:

Youngistan Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd.(PLease use same name or atleast mention youngistan in the payee name)
Account Num: 003705016831
IFSC: ICIC0000037
Bank: ICICI India.

Also note, weight calculated on the website is of 500grams. If your order weight is more than 500 grams, we will send you another payment link for the balance.

If you are in UK, you can also directly transfer to our UK bank account

Account Number: 80426687

Sort Code: 20-45-45

Name on Card: Mr R Singh

Name of the company: Excell International Limited